Compound type of packet classification

Compound type classification of plastic bags in general can be the difference between food packaging bags, and non-food packaging
Bags according to the functional categories: aluminum foil bag, vacuum bag, water bag, resistance to high temperature cooking bags, frozen bags, high barrier bags, anti-static bag, aseptic bag, microwave oven bag, anti-fog film bag.
Food packaging bags according to the classification of pocket: valve bag, zipper bag, self-reliance bag, 3-side, the sealing bag, special-shaped bag, automatic packing film, true and false vertical zipper bags.

Compound type of packet classification

According to the contents of the bag to packaging content classification: food packaging film bags, cosmetics packaging, packaging, cleaning products pesticide packaging film and bag, health care products, medicine packaging film, bags, electronic components, military supplies packaging, pet food packaging film, bag, seaweed, aquatic products packaging, spices, nuts kind of packaging, tea, coffee raw materials packaging applications Ten million kinds of packet classification, in with The Times progress and development, produces more plastic bags style.
Our factory focus on production and research and development of various food packaging bags, grasp the first line of food packaging design and production process.



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