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Welcome to contact us page, if you need to customize the high quality food bag, suction nozzle bag, paper bags, shopping bags, bags and so on the packing bag of coffee?Still need to consult our help?
Below is our contact information, if you want to customize a paragraph or more our own bags can through it to contact us, what is the custom problem can also ask us, we have been online customer service.

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+86 0755-85232478 (Skype:jenny91252)

+86 0755-28216609  

1219, Hoi Tien Mansion, Hailong Huayuan, No. 3, Phoenix Rd., Wong Pui Street, Luohu District,shenzhen,Guangdong 

We are faced with the global customers, so we in the famous alibab has online shop, where you can learn more information.


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