Q: what do you the packing bag of quality?
A: in order to ensure the satisfaction of customers on the packing quality, we strictly according to quality inspection procedures, including the IPQC, QC and OPQC, etc.We insist on the principle of constantly improve product quality and service quality, the best pursuit of perfection!
Q: how can the fastest get bags quotation?
A: this requires you to provide packaging style, such as: with zipper, bone, the shape of the suction nozzle and so on.Please include a custom shape design, material, thickness, size, logo and so on material.We will according to these conditions, the fastest the packaging quote to you.
Q: how to contact you?
A: we have related the personnel of the service online, you can send email to us: gavintsai@haoxiangtrade.com consulting questions.
Q: how long will it take to get our bags order delivery date?
A: our bags delivery date according to customer’s orders and shipping schedule to decide.
Q: are you the manufacturer?
A: yes, we are the factory custom directly, with many years of packaging customization, printing and design experience.
Q: can you provide custom packaging samples to us?
A: this doesn’t need to worry about, we offer free samples of the packing bag of A customer, but need to customers pay the cost of transportation.
Q: your delivery area have limit?
A: no, we have A shop in alibaba international platform in order to cooperate with customers from all over the world.
Q: can we visit your company to communicate?
A: yes, we welcome friends from all over the world come to visit our company and communication.

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