How secondary use of waste plastic bags?

Abandoned plastic bags has caused the white pollution environment, we have what idea again using discarded plastic bags to reduce the use of plastic bags?
Energy recovery

How secondary use of waste plastic bags?

Energy recovery refers to the heat produced during the burning of waste plastic recycling.
Thermal cracking
Refers to a selection of waste plastic bags made by thermal cracking of burning oil and fuel gas method.
Recovery of chemical raw materials
This is a kind of using chemical decomposition methods for recycling waste plastic into chemical raw materials, added polyester ammonia, it can be get at the time of the raw material monomer synthesized by hydrolysis.
The molten regeneration
This method is mainly to waste plastic bags reheating plasticizing, this method can be divided into two kinds: one kind is the leftover material of resin factory, it is a kind of simple regeneration method, melt after regeneration can be made into a better plastic products.Another kind is mixed together after use of all kinds of plastic recycling, this method can only make some performance more bad of the plastic products.
This would waste plastic processing method is mainly the landfill, incineration, although these methods to deal with the rubbish in the short term, but for the long-term development, can cause a lot of hidden trouble, such as environmental pollution.



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