how to identify high quality low prices of Heterotypic bag?

Choose a Heterotypic bag and use the standard, should pay attention to the following points: we 1. Heterotypic bag factory should be no smell, no peculiar smell, some particular taste heterotypic bag, can’t be on the safe side or not on the membrane Lin paper.2. Heterotypic bag packaging must have the Chinese label, label producer name and address, product belongs to the businessman, not in obvious places write the word “used for food”. Products were written after the factory products inspection certificates.3. Choose a fine quality to take money to buy food, control to the street stalls to spend a few dollars.4. Some colour heterotypic bag can not be safe or not in food packaging. Because this style of heterotypic bag is usually made use of recycling paper.5. Because of the different bag not easy degradation characteristics, can cause environmental pollution, so, when buying food, good effective green packaging material.6. As effectively as possible without coating, the coating product. In the packaging design, the purpose is to become the packaging feel more beautiful, corrosion resistance, using the attached coating materials. You this is not only the product scrap materials after a large number of recycling and reuse has brought the difficulty.

Heterotypic bag custom

Heterotypic bag custom

The second coating, plating technology on the way to device brings great pollution. Generated when the volatile solvent toxic gases such as coating, electroplating heavy metal waste liquid and waste residue containing chromium pollution, etc.
Therefore, we should choose as far as possible without coating, coating of packaging materials. Heterotypic bag when the choose and buy is pay attention to the content of the best aspects in detail, can reference when buying food with plastic bags to buy high quality low prices of different bags.



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