Lemon Water Spout Pouch Custom


Custom business: HX packaging
Material: environmentally friendly plastic or custom
Structure: nozzle four-sided bag or custom other
Seal: Punch or other
Size / Capacity: Customized
Design: provide material to help customize
Color: support multi-color printing
Samples: samples are provided free of charge
Minimum order quantity: 10000 pieces
Delivery date: 7-16 days, determined by order quantity
Consult with other questions welcome to contact our online customer service.


Now in the high temperature of the summer, we thirsty to the store to buy water or drink, you can have a lot of options, such as pet bottle packaging, cylindrical aluminum foil packaging and plastic Spout Pouches of water and so on. In front of several packaging we are common beverage packaging, and the Spout Pouch is innovative packaging, the traditional beverage packaging are hard packaging, the new custom Spout Pouch is a flexible packaging design, what kind of benefits? The biggest advantage of flexible packaging is the ductility, can be free to fold, drink can be free to put into the pocket or backpack to carry.

Lemon Water Spout Pouch Custom

Lemon Water Spout Pouch Custom

Customize the lemonade Spout design is very important, determines whether the consumer will choose to buy your product. Customize the appearance of this lemon water Spout Pouch can attract thirsty people choose to buy, and give a cool feeling. This is the consumer experience of packaging design. If you need to customize the needs of liquid Spout Pouches can consult our order customization.

We are professional custom high-quality Spout Pouch manufacturers, with many years of experience in custom packaging bags.
Spout Pouch manufacturers directly under the single custom, the quality of professional institutions through quality inspection, offer reasonable, discounts.
Spout Pouch their own advantages, is conducive to the use of consumers and carry, increase the feeling of experience, improve sales.

We accept customer orders will be on the packing bag of custom forecast price, customers need to tell the custom requirement, such as customized material, the thickness of the custom packaging, size, printing color and other requirements.
If customers don't know the details of the customization requirements, we can help customer to provide advice, or come to our factory.
Determine the packing bag of custom design and quotation, we will make production according to the design of the bag and the free sample bag to clients check effect, including improved.
We are a foreign trade factory, we will custom bags through different means of transportation delivery to customers such as:

The mode of transportation

Make sure production bags, we need to pay a small deposit, customer our payment methods have many such as:

Method of payment

There are other problems, can at any time consulting us, we will reply as soon as possible.

Customized bags are available free of charge

Some customers will not be assured that our custom packaging design, or the production of bags and design drawings will be biased, so we prevent the two sides will have different views, we will provide free samples of customized bags to the customer inspection. But the road is far away, the cost of sample transportation requires the customer to bear. If you still have questions or suggestions welcome to contact our online customer service.


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