Production of ordinary plastic vest bag what raw materials?

HDPE material is the main material for making plastic vest bags.

This kind of polyethylene material (HDPE) has a very good hardness, although in the production process there is a certain degree of difficulty and technical requirements, but the products produced has a very good nature, and very good Use performance.

Production of ordinary plastic vest bag what raw materials?

HDPE material itself has a very good stability, so it is also a great extent to ensure that the use of plastic bags in the situation. The material used to make the vest is a very high degree of crystallinity, and has a non-polar thermoplastic resin material, whether in the material storage stage, or in the production to use the stage has a very good security Sex and convenience, for the user is very good. The following are the same as the “

The polyethylene material that produces the vest bag is milky white before it is processed, but after some primary processing, the shape of the polyethylene material changes after it, for example, when the material is in the state of the meager section Showing a translucent state, which is the shape of the plastic bag early work.

Note: The production of vest polyethylene bags have a very good durability, and it can in a certain Chengdu and within the scope of life and chemical products have their own characteristics. As we can find in the course of the use of the vest bag material has a very good non-hygroscopic performance, and can be a good waterproof steam, which also greatly extended its use of the field. Very special is the production of this vest bag material has a very good electrical properties, while its dielectric strength is also very high insulation. It is worth mentioning that this material can be used very well in different temperatures, which is also a great increase in the use of vest bags in Chengdu capacity.



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