Self – reliance bag production requirements and process

Self-contained bags are compared to other “peer” packaging containers and are considered to be the most widely used packaging. The use of soft plastic container packaging products to make shoppers feel very convenient: there will be no bottle of clanking, shopping bags will not be easy to break and easy to pack and so on.
So what are the requirements when we design and produce our own bags?
First let us look at the self-reliance bag printing bag process:
1. Plate: pattern design —- color —- electronic plate
2. Composite: outer layer of composite —- 48 hours curing
3. Printing: outer film 5-color gravure printing
4. Bag: self-reliance bag bag machine bag

Self – reliance bag production requirements and process

According to the packaging needs, select the appropriate production materials. The current self-standing bags commonly used composite packaging film has the following several:
1. Double-layer plastic composite film: polyester / polyethylene PET / PE, nylon / polyethylene NY / PE
Applicable: general packaging, without high temperature cooking, can be transparent display of content
2. Double-layer plastic high-temperature cooking film: polyester / polypropylene PET / CPP, nylon / polypropylene NY / CPP
Applicable: high temperature cooking, resistant to 110 ℃ -120 ℃ above high temperature. Transparent display of contents
3. Three-layer aluminum-plastic composite film:
Polyester / Aluminum / Polyethylene PET / AL / PE Nylon / Aluminum / Polyethylene NY / AL / PE
Polyester / Aluminum / Polypropylene PET / AL / CPP Nylon / Aluminum / Polypropylene NY / AL / CPP
Applicable: high-end packaging, dark, do not show the contents
So, self-reliance bag packaging design considerations which?
1. Plastic composite bag: transparent, the general side of a rich background pattern; the other part of the transparent, so that consumers can see the bag drinks. Design, pay attention to the pattern and the color of the content match.
2. Aluminum-plastic composite bag: opaque, designed to take full advantage of aluminum metallic luster to show the packaging of high-grade.
3. Easy to tear: If you do not use straw, should be easy to increase in the bag when easy to tear. Pattern design to remind consumers easy to tear position.
4. Cursor requirements: Part of the bag factory needs to add a mark on the logo position (such as black box).
5. Production date Description: It is recommended to use the thermal printer to print the date, thermal printer effect is good, cheap. The date of production indicated at the time of pattern design should be the same as the actual date of printing.
6. Other requirements: product standards, health permits, shelf life, ingredients, bar code and other general products the same.



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