Thai woman rented 7 years covered with garbage including 4 years ago food bag

A Thai homeowner on June 11 was surprised to find his own rental room filled with a food bag filled with garbage bags.
According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on June 12, a Thai woman has been expelled from the rental of a seven-year apartment, the reason was actually because of her own rental activities into a food bag garbage dump, which Even including 4 years ago food packaging bags.
According to Thai media reports, this apartment is located in Bangkok, Pinklao (Pinklao) apartment is very dirty, garbage to “no place to let a person stop.”
At that time, because the unknown female tenant did not pay the rent of water and electricity on time, the property company’s staff decided to check the morning of June 11 housing situation. However, due to the room inside the food bag garbage amazing, and even blocked the door, they can not even open the door, and ultimately had to use brute force to kick it open. Property reports that cleaners had to move like a “breaststroke” to keep the food bag liters behind them.

Food bag rubbish heap

Food bag rubbish heap

Homeowners and property owners found a lot of rubbish in the room, including tearing clothes, empty plastic bottles, and a lot of rotten food that did not clean up from 2013. There are hundreds of empty plastic bottles and a lot of other rubbish in the gap between the bed and the wall. The fan is covered with a thick layer of dust, and the floor is full of disgusting stains. The workers also found a broken shower head, many damaged pipes, and a cracked toilet.



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