The benefits of using Side Gusset bag?

Shall we were familiar with this name, has used the Side Gusset bags.So why call this kind of bag of Side Gusset plastic bags?What are the benefits?

The benefits of using Side Gusset Bag?

Side Gusset bag: plastic bags are now known to organ is there is a flat pocket change to come over, that is to say, under the condition of the guarantee capacity, change the style.To flat pockets on both sides of the edge of the bag body surface into the form, will originally openings into open rectangular oval bag and because, after the folding edge on either side of the bag like tuyere leaves, but it is closed, so it will be a name to this bag of organ plastic bags.So that the flat pockets to make organ bag has the following three advantages:
A, covers an area of space.
Two, will be open to open the oval bag originally rectangular shape, which is saturated with, is close to the shape of a cuboid, the packing is beautiful.

The benefits of the three, is retained the original flat pockets: can be printed, and printing content must be rich than flat pockets, Side Gusset Bag body can be dyed red, blue, black, green, yellow and so on, then on its printing all kinds of exquisite design, such as: color map, star photos, company name, company Logo, company address, phone, the main products, etc., can be printed, more can play a hand across the opening in the Side Gusset Bag DiKong, such Side Gusset Bag is formed!



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