The characteristics of the electronic packaging aluminum foil bag custom

Electronic aluminum foil bag we also call it usually anti-static aluminum foil bag, is used in electronic product packaging, can achieve moistureproof anti-static function.
So this kind of electron aluminum foil bag inside the bag and sealing the characteristics of what?This article we are going to elaborate.
In general electronic aluminum foil bag is usually requires a zipper, so open and storage convenient electronic products many times.

Electronic packaging aluminum foil bag custom

Electronic packaging aluminum foil bag custom

From the point of packing bag, has three features:
The first: it is with zipper, easy to use and storage.
Second: there is easy tear.Many bags are not easy to tear the mouth, sometimes to open, use a brute force pull or with scissors, in a nutshell, is very inconvenient.Very convenient with easy tear mouth is open.
Third: visible inside the aluminum foil, aluminum foil bag away from light, moisture is the feature of anti-static, it is one of the many benefits of this unique bags.



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