The custom Composite aluminum foil food film roll


Custom business: HX packaging
Materials: composite aluminum foil or custom
Structure: cylinder or custom other
Seal: custom
Size/capacity: customization
Appearance design: provide the materials to help custom
Color: support for multiple color printing
Sample: free samples
Minimum order quantity: 10000 pieces
Delivery date: 7-16 days, according to orders
Consulting other questions, welcome to contact our online customer service.


The life of people demand constantly increasing, no matter for food quantity and quality, including food safety have become important, for large quantities of packaging supplies, most can choose food volume custom membrane bags, film has its own advantages.Such as packaging manufacturer can quickly supply customized roll film, saving production time and custom cost.

custom Composite aluminum foil food film roll

Roll of film material is composite aluminum foil custom, the packing bag of composite aluminum foil custom avirulent insipidity, can be recycled, to ensure the food safety and environmental issues.
Composite aluminum foil food volume membrane customized packages generally applicable to the small volume of goods, like small bread, candy, shampoo, can use film of custom bags.This satisfy product supply also ensures the security of the packaging bags.Customize the roll of film making bags is a good choice.

Our custom composite film is a professional aluminum foil food.
We help our clients with more than ten years of experience in custom bags.
Our custom packaging process is advanced technology and skilled.
We are manufacturer direct order custom, quality assurance and price concessions.
Composite aluminum foil food film saving production time and cost saving, environmental protection, safety features.

We accept customer orders will be on the packing bag of custom forecast price, customers need to tell the custom requirement, such as customized material, the thickness of the custom packaging, size, printing color and other requirements.
If customers don't know the details of the customization requirements, we can help customer to provide advice, or come to our factory.
Determine the packing bag of custom design and quotation, we will make production according to the design of the bag and the free sample bag to clients check effect, including improved.
We are a foreign trade factory, we will custom bags through different means of transportation delivery to customers such as:

The mode of transportation

Make sure production bags, we need to pay a small deposit, customer our payment methods have many such as:

Method of payment

There are other problems, can at any time consulting us, we will reply as soon as possible.

Provide free samples of custom bags

Some customers will not be assured that we customize the design of the packaging, or the packing bag of produce and design drawings will have deviation, so we will prevent the two sides have different opinions, we will provide customized bags samples free of charge to customers inspection.But a long way, the sample needs the customer should bear the cost of transport.If you have questions or Suggestions, welcome to contact our online customer service.


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