What are the advantages of aluminum foil customization and wipe tea bag?

Since the food safety problem more and more attention to their own health, health care methods are translated using.Among them are a lot of people praise highly is a cup of tea.More than a cup of tea, drinking tea can also play a clear blood fat, fall blood pressure, help to eliminate fat, soften blood vessels and other benefits.So people in constant increase of tea.

Aluminum foil tea bag custom advantage

Aluminum foil tea bag custom advantage

But if you want to drink to the real good tea, need to purchase a field of tea.The original tea mostly paper, brick tea, too.But a paper parcel, will cause a lot of inconvenience in the save, at least in kaifeng is very unfavorable to preserve, after less convenient long-distance transportation.In order to solve this problem, a lot of tea production, aluminum foil bags to pack the tea.Now the supply of tea are continually increased, including custom aluminum tea bag is in use of the batch.
Aluminum foil bag as a tea bag packaging is very suitable for, because it is very good sealing and anti-oxidation, to hard to have the effect of bao sweet tea fragrance, make tea is not easy to oxidation.It has the good moistureproof, mouldproof, anti-fake function, such as play cycle extended products conservation purposes.



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