What are the key points in design of tea bags

Tea is tea package in purchase, sale, storage in the field of circulation is the key to ensure the quality, an elegant chic tea packaging, not only can give a person with beautiful enjoyment, but also appear constantly, and sales in the supermarket way change today, can directly stimulate the consumers’ desire to buy, so as to achieve the aim of promoting the sales, have the effect of silent salesman.Very good tea packaging has the collection value, can also be used as a reusable packaging again, at the same time of saving resources, promote the tea culture, a very good tea packing design, must have a good base, tea is the most essential thing, and the packaging is how to maintain the quality of the tea so that it is not bad.Only fully understand the characteristics of tea and tea metamorphism caused by factors, can choose according to these features in the use of appropriate materials rationally, perfect quality, especially for the pure natural, pollution-free green food, more to strengthen environmental protection consciousness, meet the needs of the people to return to nature.

Aluminum foil bag tea

The characteristics of the tea is determined by the tea of the physical and chemical composition, quality of, such as moisture absorption, oxidation, adsorption, fragility, variability, etc.So, when we design the tea packaging, according to these features, consider using the proper material for packaging, should choose to have good moisture, oxygen resistance and avoid light and no smell, and has a certain tensile strength of composite material, according to the investigation and research, using better on the market at present is pet/aluminum foil/PE composite, followed by stretching polypropylene/aluminum foil/PE composite material, the general aluminum foil composite film, is the daily tea packaging moistureproof, oxygen resistance, the performance is one of the best.Now there is a new packing box, it is a paper composite, the tank top and bottom cover is metal, the body is made of offset paper/cardboard aluminum foil/PE composite, and has a strong effect, and compared with metal cans to light many, design means also more rich and beautiful, and to give designers greater play leeway.



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