What’s the advantage of eight edge-sealing flat bag?

Eight edge-sealing flat bag is also called the eight edge sealing zipper bag, eight erect edge-sealing bag, square bottom bag, food packaging industry to be bestowed favor on newly.The serious homogeneity competition today, the packing bag of a unique technical content can improve your product gold content, enhance market competitiveness, to build your brand and brand promotion.Professional manufacturer of eight edge-sealing bag with flat dongguan yu packaging products co., LTD. To tell you, eight edge-sealing flat bag has seven core advantages:
1, stand steady, has the perfect shelves display effect, deeply attracted consumers attention.
2, there are five printing layout, adequate local tracing products or multilingual product sales, product promotion is the most applicable global sales.
3, flat zipper bag with repeatable with zipper, consumer reusable, convenient and save.

What’s the advantage of eight edge-sealing flat bag?

4, due to the bottom of the bag, flat open, if packing lay flat, can yet be regarded as the best display at the bottom of the page.
5, according to the thickness of a material, moisture and oxygen barrier, the effect of metal so that the printing effect, can meet the performance requirements of products.
6, holding large capacity, improve product value.
7, unique shape, beware of counterfeit, consumer easy to recognize, is advantageous to the brand establishment and brand publicity.



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