What’s the advantage of flat bottom bag?

What’s the advantage of flat bottom bag?

1. Smooth level off the bottom of the stand, is advantageous to the shelves, with the ordinary standing bag significantly different on the vision, to attract consumer attention, upgrade the company’s product packaging.
2. There are five surface, sufficient to place the tracing technique product or multilingual product sales, product promotion is the most applicable global sales
3. Due to the bottom of the bag flat open, if the bags lying flat, is also the best showing at the bottom of the page

Kraft paper bags with flat bottom bags custom

4. Four edge-sealing standing straight, is advantageous to the beautiful display products
5. Flat zipper bag with reusable zipper, consumers can to open and close zipper, box is unable to compete.
6. Appearance is unique, beware of counterfeit, consumer easy to recognize, advantageous brand building.
Our custom flat bag not only put the customer’s ideas, Suggestions and requirements into the product, the packing bag of produce customer satisfaction, and can come up with more creative, cost saving, environmental protection, enhancing the added value of the product image and packaging Suggestions, to achieve one-stop market type packaging consultant, material selection, production and logistics services.Staff through formal training, standardized operation, to ensure the quality of product monitoring especially rigorous.



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