Why use kraft paper to packaging products packaging industry like?

The importance of packaging we all know that, in the packaging of society, more and more passionate about kraft paper, packaging industry, why do packaging industry use kraft paper to wrap the product?

Kraft paper shopping bags

Earlier in the packaging industry kraft paper is used for some simple commodity packaging, and the fine goods are packed in wooden box, tin box to, and in recent years, more and more exquisite products are beginning to use kraft paper to wrap, kraft paper is widely used in gift box.The author analysis, kraft paper, so hot in the packaging industry’s three reasons:
1. The popular trend of the change, the market need packing style is also changing, kraft paper, contracted packaging style is enjoyed by everyone.
2. Social factors: the influence of factors such as environmental protection, energy saving, kraft paper bag, the characteristics of environmental protection by market value.
3. Kraft paper, high plasticity: unique color kraft paper can cooperate with unique design to produce creative work, also can only after a slight packaging printing made simple and easy.High plasticity, let kraft paper is widely adapted to all kinds of packaging.



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